Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am at Calvary Baptist Church, where we as a church family gather together to worship God in spirit and in truth! Each time we gather we make the revealed God of the Holy Bible the focus of our Worship! And so everything we do, say and are together is directed towards expressing our love to God, both individually and corporately, because He first loved us. As a result, everything that happens in the course of approximately hour and a quarter service is centred on helping us all draw closer to our Creator, Redeemer and Friend.

The intent of our worship ministries is to place God at the centre and so rather than making our worship service about “performance”, we try always to make worship about the gracious love of God revealed through the person of Jesus. That is what constitutes the heart of the preaching and teaching, the music and drama, and all other forms of gratitude and expression that make up our typical Worship Service!

Our church family is a diverse community that seeks to reflect the vast and varied ways of Christian worship that better reflects the changing face of our church family and the changing needs of our community! As a result our service is wonderful and creative blend of worship styles and influences, both traditional and contemporary, appealing to all generations.

What follows is a listing of the various creative ministries available that we use to praise God on any given Sunday or during a typical Worship Service. Almost all of worship ministries at Calvary involve volunteers! If you are interested, have a gift or talent to share in service of making the love of God known during our Worship Service, then please consider volunteering to be a part of one of our talented Worship Ministry teams!

Choir: The choir ministry is an important part of our Sunday morning services! The choir sings every week except for the first Sunday of the month.  The choir also prepares additional music for special services at Christmas and Easter. The choir meets the first three Wednesday evenings monthly from 7:30 to 9 p.m.to practice, from September to early June.  New members are always welcome!

Decorations: The decorating team adds to the welcoming feel of our service by keeping the sanctuary attractive! Almost every Sunday there is  some new beautiful point of interest to help us further reflect on what is being taught from the pulpit and talked about in Scripture! If you have an eye for colour and design then come and help support the colourful themes of seasonal celebrations as we as a church family track our rhythm of life through the Christian Calendar as part of this team!

Instrumentalists/Vocalists (Solo): We are a blessed to have a talented musical church family that adds joyous and moving music to every worship service. Whether that is our resident flautist, or one of our other instrumentalists (trumpeter, violinist, cellist, etc.) who accompany our Worship Pastor at the concert piano or Cassavant organ, music adds so much to our worship service as we together seek to raise joyful voices and make a joyful noise together as a church family!

Liturgical Dance: Do you have a passion for dance? Then this is an area of worship ministry for you! Through your creative and expressive liturgical dance you could help to bring glory to God by helping people understand God’s love and message in a new way within the context of Christian worship.

Praise Team: We have rotating praise teams (vocals, piano, guitar, percussion, drums) that help lead our corporate worship during the Sunday services.  Most of the praise team music that is used has been written in the past 10-15 years, and it has a more contemporary worship style. Practices for praise teams take place one Wednesday night monthly from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Scripture Readers: If you have an expressive and dramatic voice, and are willing to learn to be skilled in public reading and presentation of the Word of God, then reading Scripture each Sunday could be for you! Join our dedicated and talented team of people who have a passion for God’s Word, and a flare for the theatrical in helping the Word of God come even more alive in the context of our vibrant worship service just before the sermon each Sunday!

Sound Team: This team is responsible for setting up and running the church sound system for worship gatherings.  These rotating teams arrive to set up the sound system on Sundays at 9:30 a.m., they monitor the system, and put away the equipment after the services.  Training is provided for this important ministry.

Worship Leaders: A small group of individuals are chosen by the worship team to help lead the church services on Sunday mornings.

Writers: Our church has a regular newsletter called the Spotlight that goes out regularly sharing the latest events and happenings of church family! If you have a talent for story telling then there is room in this newsletter for people like you who have a passion for sharing short stories, poetry or other prosaic expressions eager to share their gifts with others!

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