Wedding Rental

We are pleased that you are considering being married in the sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church and we hope that our facilities and staff will help you in planning your memorable day.

The sanctuary seats approximately 210 plus a wheelchair row (balcony excluded as it is used for our archives) We have a parking lot that accommodates 40 carefully parked cars and street parking on one side.

You will need to contact our office to check availability and discuss your specific needs at 416-691-4721 or at calvaryonmain@calvary-baptist-church. Then an interview will be arranged with our minister to discuss your plans and preferences regarding the service. If you plan to have another minister officiating your ceremony, you should ensure this arrangement is acceptable.

Depending on your musical plans, you will want to use our sound system, baby grand piano or Casavante organ. Due to the fragile condition of our Casavante organ, we request you use our organist. Our organist will be glad to speak with you personally to discuss your choice of music and a contact will be arranged by our office.

While you may have your own wedding planner, we require you use our Host. He will help you decorate the church, open for rehearsals and wedding, organize the wedding party and see that all runs  smoothly.

Total wedding costs are approximately $1,200 (depending on individual  requirements).

May God guide and bless you as you prepare for your wedding day.

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