Krystaal in Concert

Event Start Date:
April 12, 2019
Event End Date:
April 13, 2019
Event Venue:
72 Main St, Auditorium

Krystaal in Concert
At  Calvary Baptist Church  April 12 7:30pm
(2 blocks south of Gerrard at Benlamond,1 block north of Kingston Rd.)

Refreshments to follow after the concert

Michel, Fabian and Aliston, an award-winning group talented in various genres including p R&B, Pop, Gospel, Urban and World-African music. Tickets are $15.

It is their love for giving back that makes multifaceted, World Music group, Krystaal, so unique and beloved. Comprised of three brothers, Michel, Fabian, and Aliston Lwambas, the group uniquely combines R&B, Pop, Gospel, Urban and World-African music to appeal to a wide array of audiences.

Their message is simple – one of peace and reconciliation; all of which is derived from a life riddled with its own trials. Their music is layered with messages of resilience and restoration, and has a strong patriotic allegiance laced with odes to their homeland, Africa.

Tickets on-line with Event bright Purchase

Listen :
Krystaal Music Official Channel – YouTube
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